Tuesday, 14 April 2009

God Machine - One Last Laugh in a Place of Dying (1994)

Because it's brilliant and dark and fascinating and I heard it today for the first time in ten years and I instantly loved it again. Please listen to it.



I'm going to carry on with this when I have something worth sharing that isn't already being shared by a million other people, but while I'm looking for that here's a link to the person who had the same idea as me, but did it about 1000 times better and much more comprehensively.

Anyway, Pukekos.


Friday, 3 April 2009

Tke Element of Crime - "The Things We Do For Love" EP

This is where the internet seems to give up on me. I was sold this at the time (1995?) on it having some connection to the Blood Sausage / Huggy Bear group of bands who I still love. Digging back through my music, I'm surprised at how much of it sounds like Pavement, who I loved then but don't love so much now. Well, overexposure and all that, and Steve Malkmus got rubbish.

Anyway, back to this. I'll edit a photo in above this if I can get my flatmate to take one (my camera doesn't like connecting to this, or indeed any, computer). It's the dirtiest garage punk I'd ever heard by that point in my young life, and still sounds pretty amazing now. "Soul2", the catalogue number it had on Soul Static Sound - a great label, if the things I have of theirs are anything to go by - is the only number with no entry next to it on their Discogs page. But never mind that, listen to the great great music.


Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Ui - "Match My Foot" EP

Definitely an unexpected treat when working through my 7" singles. Ui were a sort of post-rock-funk band who, after this single and my only real interaction with them, went on to make a load of albums which I'm probably going to track down as soon as I've finished this post. This contains not only the A and B side, but an extra 1-sided 7" single that you could buy at the same time which contained yet another remix. And thoroughly confused me because the first 30 seconds sound exactly like a single skipping. Anyway, music!


Monday, 30 March 2009

Urusei Yatsura - b-sides collection (1990s)

One of my favourite bands of the 1990s, these guys. Before they were ever a band, I used to get their fanzine, a mix of record reviews, comic strips and suchlike. They released a few compilation tapes (or maybe appeared, pre UY, on one of them - my memory's not what it was) and then formed the band.

Looking back through my vinyl, I have a lot of stuff from this band. The a-sides are presumably on one of their LPs (which I may upload when I get to them, or may not, depending on whether a check reveals if they're still going or not), but anyway.

FAKE EDIT: They split up, a while ago, it would seem, and are doing their own thing. And, an American label had pretty much this exact same idea and released the album "Pulpo!", a collection of b-sides. I'm fairly confident in saying it's out of print though. So, here's a good stack of their b-sides, enjoy and remember the days when Pavement-loving Scottish indie-noise-punk-pop bands were ten a penny.

FAKER EDIT: It appears you can still get most of these records from their official site. So, if you like this lot, please go and give them some money. They were (and, presumably, are) lovely people and deserve a few of your pounds. They've also put a couple of links to some BBC sessions up, so here are those links before the links to the things I ripped:



BEYOND A JOKE: At the back of another 7" single, I found something which I labelled as "Urusei Yatsura Tour 7". I met and chatted to the band after their first tour, where they had Mogwai as their support. Scratched on the runout is "Che 59"but as Che is no more, I've got no idea whatsoever what is on it. I'll pop that on there too.


Sunday, 29 March 2009

Liz Phair - Juvenilia EP (1995)

Ah, Liz Phair. Back in the day, I admired her excellent lo-fi recordings without really having any idea what she looked like. Nowadays, sadly, at least half the photos of her are of her in her knickers. She looks lovely, but it's sad that she feels the need to do that to sell her music. I've not heard any of it for donkey's, so it could be all sexy and stuff now, but when this double-7" came out she was a bit like Pavement, but if they were women who'd been consistently disappointed in their relationships.

This EP also contains some of her earliest recordings, unavailable anywhere else apparently. Good job, get em heard.


Lung Leg - The Negative Delinquent Autopsy EP (1994)

You know what? I haven't heard this EP in well over a decade. And, while I'm converting things from vinyl to mp3, I can't figure out what setting to be set to make sounds come out of it, so I'm not listening to it now either. So I'll hand this one over to Mike DaRonco of the AllMusic Guide:

Hands down, Lung Leg is one of the cutest bands to come out of Scotland since Bis. With their method of playful guitar leads -- that almost sound as if they were ripped off from Sesame Street -- the all-female roster additionally provides a vocal styling that's a combination of gang vocals with a hint of melody. Resulting in a childlike innocence of minimal, guitar-based indie pop, Lung Leg also manages to come across as angsty and bouncy with their seven brief but fun-filled anthems.

Couldn't have said it better myself, Mike. Anyway, vinyl conversion continues apace, and hurrah for finally getting cracking with this, after years of promising myself I'd do it.