Saturday, 28 March 2009

Halkyn - Behind The Snow 7" EP (1998)

I don't even know when this one was released. I was living in the scummy house at St. Helens Street, where I once saw my neighbour walk into my back garden to piss against my wall...anyway, the cellar there was where I kept all my vinyl, including the few unsold copies of this I had.

I digress. Halkyn were a fantastic band (and may still be now, but it's unlikely). I paid half of the money to release this, but then for some reason me and the other people who paid for it, 555 Recordings, and me stopped communicating. I got a weird comment on the very very early Geocities website I once made for Umbababayee Records, which led me to believe they think I owed them some money or something, but honest guvnor I never did.

So this is a fine piece of noise-folk, or something of the sort. It's also my first attempt at converting vinyl, so I'm not quite au fait with labelling the tracks properly. Give it a listen anyway, and I'll now see if I can add a very small picture to this post.

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