Sunday, 29 March 2009

Lung Leg - The Negative Delinquent Autopsy EP (1994)

You know what? I haven't heard this EP in well over a decade. And, while I'm converting things from vinyl to mp3, I can't figure out what setting to be set to make sounds come out of it, so I'm not listening to it now either. So I'll hand this one over to Mike DaRonco of the AllMusic Guide:

Hands down, Lung Leg is one of the cutest bands to come out of Scotland since Bis. With their method of playful guitar leads -- that almost sound as if they were ripped off from Sesame Street -- the all-female roster additionally provides a vocal styling that's a combination of gang vocals with a hint of melody. Resulting in a childlike innocence of minimal, guitar-based indie pop, Lung Leg also manages to come across as angsty and bouncy with their seven brief but fun-filled anthems.

Couldn't have said it better myself, Mike. Anyway, vinyl conversion continues apace, and hurrah for finally getting cracking with this, after years of promising myself I'd do it.

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Graham said...

Holy shit man, are you kidding me? You took all the time to rip this, throw it on megaupload and make a blog post about it but you didn't even bother to listen back to the mp3s? You ripped this 45 RPM 7" at 33.